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The Moses Lake Museum and Art Center is looking for pets - thematic artworks that represent domesticated and not - so - domesticated creatures and the houses and hearts they occupy. Wall Art and Wall Surface Art are a wonderful addition to the style of an area or to add a conversation topic you are looking for. There are many tools for home designers to join forces and create original art, but if you enjoy the idea of an art wall in your home or in the home of your favorite artist, you have a good chance of doing a good job.

Whether fish sculpture, collection or motivating plaque, look for the dazzling range of unusual wall art. From lush greenery to the presentation of your art collection, see this simple way to improve a blank wall. Framed art can be found on the walls of the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center or in the lobby of your home or office.

We also find wall decorations that match your character as well as your design aesthetic. Our selection is made up of artwork, so you're sure to find something that fits every design style, no matter where you choose. If you don't see a large print listed below or if you want, you can visit our page for larger art prints on design or musicians. With a wide range of framed artworks and prints available for sale, from small prints to large-format paintings and murals, you are sure to discover something unique and unique for your home, office or office.

There are 3221,528 wall art for sale on Etsy, which is generally set back $81.41, with a maximum price of $1,000.00 each ($2,500 for large prints).

The artist is responsible for the costs of shipping and / or delivering the artwork to the Moses Lake Museum and Art Center. The artist and the artist agree to make a minimum payment of $1,000 each, with the exception of the check and the remaining $70 per sale, which will be processed by the Moses LakeMuseum & Art Center, and they have agreed to return the work in the same condition as it was received.

The Moses Lake Museum and Art Center is responsible for all items purchased pursuant to RCW 63-26 and available exclusively for sale, trade, sale, de-accessibility, trade or transfer to another museum or arts center in Washington State and / or to the general public. The artwork may only be preserved in its original condition and cannot be accessed before the day after the closing date of the exhibition, and it may not be kept for more than three (3) months from the date of purchase.

The artist has no right to sell the work, nor does the artist have any right to create or own any of the works of art listed or described in the attached list of works of art. Before the artwork is delivered for display, the lender confirms written notification and agrees to notify the Moses Lake Museum in writing of any change of address or ownership. The artist may not publish works of art without the permission of the lender. Events are open to people of all ages, but activities are based on the first coming and going until the art supply is exhausted.

After a day of play, you can stay overnight in one of the many accommodation options, including the tent at the Cascade Campground by the lake while you are open. Try the Desert Oasis camper van, which offers clean facilities at excellent prices.

The Cascade Campground is a great place to barbecue, play in the playground and swim in the lake. If you are spending time with the kids at Moses Lake this summer, the Suncrest RV park would be the perfect place for you as it has a picnic area, picnic tables, playground and plenty of parking. For great swimming and fishing spots, visit Blue Heron Park or Cascade Campgrounds, where you'll find great swimming opportunities.

The area around Moses Lake also offers many opportunities for cycling, as the town of 23,000 people is surrounded by more agricultural fields than highways. Hikers, fishermen and cyclists will be equally pleased that there are several cycle paths and bicycle parking spaces in the area. You can walk through a variety of flora and fauna that give you the feeling of a dry, high desert region.

If you're looking for a way to pass the time indoors, you can also explore natural history and local artworks at the Moses Lake Washington Art Museum. The museum, housed in the Moses Lake Civic Center, offers "Free for the Family" every Saturday and first Saturday of the month. If you visit MosesLake in the winter months, take a trip to the Museum of Natural History and Art, the largest art museum in Washington state, in its current form.

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