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The annual boys' and girls' club auction, traditionally held in October, may or may not be postponed, and whether it will take place in person or online is not yet known. Pope said club officials knew 2020 was not like any other year, but in the meantime donations were still being solicited for the auction.

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Participants can pick up meals at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Columbia Basin, which operate in Moses Lake, Columbia River Valley and Columbia County. Each association receives a cash donation from the auction and the money is used to buy items from local businesses, some of which will also include items for local stores.

Children of the same age group spend the whole day together, including meals and breaks, and children must be at least six metres apart to be picked up for activities. There is no summer programme, but a club in Park Orchard, although the main room in his clubhouse is full. While Grant County is still progressively - in reopening plans - the club is open to all ages and all children, regardless of their age. Children can choose their activities and have access to a playground, play equipment and other amenities, as well as food.

Club director Kim Pope said the club has two satellite locations in Park Orchard and Lake Washington to provide childcare to working parents during the school year. The satellite site is closed and will remain closed for the rest of the year as students are not allowed into the building. While schools across the country are closed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, the clubhouse at Park Orchard Elementary School has been open since early August. It has been open since May, although it is closed due to the outbreak.

Pope said they can only take in about 50 children, but there is still some social distance. Pope said she expects so much this year purely because of the economic impact on families.

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The number of children who could be in the facility is limited, which will also affect the summer programme.

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